Independent Contractor Exemption Certificate and Construction Contractor Registration Search

The purpose of this site is to search for Independent Contractor Exemption Certificates (ICEC) and Construction Contractor Registrations (CR).

Results will only show those that are currently active. Expired or pending applications will not be included in the search results.

You may also view a complete list of all currently SUSPENDED or APPROVED Construction Contractor Registrations or REVOKED Independent Contractor Exemption Certificates. Suspended or Revoked status means the certificate is inactive. Please call our office at (406) 444-7734 for more information.

A person is subject to a civil fine of up to $1,000 for each violation if the person:

  • alters or falsifies an independent contractor exemption certificate;
  • transfers to another person their independent contractor exemption certificate;
  • allows another person to use their independent contractor exemption certificate;
  • or misrepresents their status as an independent contractor.

In addition, a person may not work as an independent contractor when the Department has denied or revoked their independent contractor exemption certificate.

A person altering or falsifying an independent contractor exemption certificate may also be subject to criminal prosecution on a felony charge of tampering with public records or information and subject to a fine of up to $50,000 and/or 10 years in prison as per Section 39-71-419, MCA.